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Real estate investment in Türkiye

الاستثمار العقاري في تركيا

Turkey was ranked among the top 10 countries for buying real estate in 2017. What is real estate and what are the factors affecting its value? How does real estate investment succeed in Türkiye? More in this article

Real estate investment in Türkiye - concepts, tips and caveats

Real estate investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is one of the distinguished economic activities in the world, which has attracted many pioneering energies in recent years.

The British real estate magazine "in the sun" ranked Turkey among the 10 best countries to buy real estate in 2017, while data from the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that foreigners prefer to buy real estate in Istanbul.

What is real estate investment in Türkiye? What are the factors affecting its value? How does real estate investment succeed in Türkiye?

Definition of real estate in Türkiye

It is everything that represents an asset that is stable and fixed in its location, which leads to its inability to move from one place to another without being damaged, and examples of it are lands, buildings, fences, and houses.

Factors affecting the value of real estate investment in Türkiye

  • Supply and demand balance.

  • The location and total area of ​​the property.

  • Real estate rental returns.

  • Natural factors such as the surrounding environment and weather.

  • Economic factors, where the value of real estate is linked to the general economic climate of the country.

  • Laws, regulations, and legislation related to construction, demolition, leases, licensing, allotment, and other factors.

  • Social patterns and public taste.

  • The expected benefits of the drug in the future.

Is real estate investment in Türkiye profitable? Reasons for high real estate value

  • Inflation effect.

  • The impact of demand and supply on the real estate market.

  • Infrastructure improvement.

  • Transformations and economic growth.

  • High rate of cash flows from the property.

  • Emergency improvements to the property, such as decorations.



Risks of real estate investment in Türkiye - Reasons for declining real estate value

  • Conditions of demand and supply in the real estate market.

  • Economic obsolescence.

  • Government laws change.

  • Emergency sale of real estate.

  • Absence of continuous maintenance of the property.

  • The reverse effect of the deteriorating infrastructure.


Tips for real estate investment in Türkiye

  • Verifying the eligibility of the seller or the person responsible for selling the property; In terms of owning the right to carry out the sale.

  • Ensure that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

  • Verifying that the property is free of rights resulting from the mortgage, rent, or any other rights.

  • Visit the property's website and verify its validity and suitability for use in housing, work, or the specific purpose of purchasing it.

  • Obtain a copy of the property ownership contract to ensure that its previous owner did not transfer any form of ownership, and to ensure that there are no rights attached to it.

  • Ensure that the area, specifications and information contained in the title deed correspond to the actual shape of the property.

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